Thursday, 6 January 2011

World Adventures, With Nik Thakkar

So I promised my good friend a very short résumé following my one month escape over Christmas from the Big Smoke to Cape Town, South Africa – and here it is..

Anyone who's been to Cape Town may know about the natural wonders that behold this magnificent city (i.e. Table Mountain) and the not so natural wonders (i.e. Robben Island – the place famous for the imprisonment of Mandela). Being my third, this trip was somewhat less tourism focussed but involved a more tanning (at 37 degrees, it's all about the beach), partying with the KK sisters (Kim & Khloe Kardashian), eating A LOT of seafood (I’d recommend the culinary delights that are Beluga, Willoughby & Co, Wakame, The Codfather and Sevruga), playing beach volleyball with Cheryl Cole’s beau Derek Hough and modelling for breakthrough fashion photographer (Mulberry, DKNY, Topman) Terence Andrew Webb at 8am in the ice cold waters of the Atlantic (DEFINITELY one to watch).

All in all, Cape Town in the summer has an awesome Californian beach vibe with Bentleys and Maseratis rolling around with Barbz and Ken Barbz at the wheel, and it is totally easy to get caught up in that world if you are seen in the right clubs and house parties. However, you kinda have to remind yourself of the extensive urban poverty that surrounds the city. It can be blinding and will bring you down to earth in a heartbeat. Reducing and alleviating poverty is a main priority of the South African government, but there is still nothing that helps more than private donations or sponsoring a child through schooling. Please do give if you can.

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Much love,
Nik x